Productive Tips on Google Calendar

Google Calendar

We all know Google Calendar gets better everyday in-order to organize events/meeting and share between peers effectively. Now Google Calendar mobile apps available mostly all mobile platform. This article will helps you in web app.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Google calendar controls are placed in easily accessible, however to get more handy shortcuts are plays vital role.

This need to be enabled in the General under calendar settings (if it is not enabled)


Previous period : k or p
Next period       : j or n
Refresh             : r
Today                : t


Day View       : 1 or d
Week View     : 2 or w
Month View   : 3 or m
Custom View : 4 or x
Agenda View : 5 or a


Create event     : c
Event details    : e
Delete event     : Backspace or Delete
Undo last action (if possible)  : Ctrl + z or z
Save event       : Ctrl + s


Search                                                  : /
Focus on add a calendar text box        : Shift + = or +
Quick add                                            : q
Open create bubble                              : Shift + c
Print                                                     : Ctrl + p
Settings                                                : s

Open shortcut help (if anything required or new updates)         : Ctrl + ? or ?


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