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Screen Zooming Tool in Windows

We know that in presentation/demo most of the people might feel uncomfortable to read the content in the slides/screen. To overcome this we use to increase the font size of the content. Windows Magnifier Build-In Tool The simple build-in Magnifier tool available in Windows (surely in 7 and 8.x). In the mid of presentation no need to open the Magnifier from start menu you can make use of shortcut key Win + + (Windows key + Plus symbol key), this will open the magnifier and magnifies our screen Shortcut keys Increase Zoom   : Windows key + +  (  + Plus key) Decrease Zoom  : Windows + -  (  + Minus key) Another option Windows Sysinternals Suite is bunch of system utility tool set, this has a screen zooming tool know as ZoomIt this has few value added functionalists and shortcut keys customization Features of Zoomit Normal Zoom Live Zoom Draw (on screen) Type (on screen) Break (simple timer for presentation break) SysInternals ZoomIt