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How to check the Hybrid Connection in Azure Website (Webapp)

Introduction Hi, this article will helpful for you to check the hybrid connection in Azure Website (Web App). Scenario Lets assume we have 2 Web Apps and 2 On-Premises database servers, Both the webapps required on-premises database access, for this scenario we can use Azure Hybrid connection . Architecture of Web apps and Hybrid connection Website 1 : Wants to access DB Server 1 & DB Server 2 Website 2 : Wants to access DB Server 1 only To achieve this we need to create two hybrid connections for each db and we can share it with websites. Troubleshooting Once you successfully created hybrid connection and configured listener setup. we need to ensure whether our website connected to our DB Server or not. So open the Azure portal (old or new). 1. Select the website 2. Click Browse website       * Lets assume our website URL is       * Change the URL to 3. Now you will enter into