Windows Mobile 10 in Tamil (தமிழ் விண்டோஸ் மொபைல் 10 )

Ever wonder how the Windows Mobile 10 support localization (of Tamil here i am discussing). It really doing amazing.

This is tested with Lumia 925 with Windows Mobile 10 version 10.0.10586.107

Major things i noticed

  1. It supports most of the apps in localized
  2. The quality of text rendering is very good
  3. They offer two Tamil keyboards
    • Tamil Phonetic 
      • very easy for typing ex. when we type "amma" it will give us "அம்மா"
    • Tamil 
      • little bit complicated for new users

Am sharing few screens for your reference


Outlook Mail:

Groove Music:

Photo Album:


Start Screen:



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